Residential Homes

Our modern park homes are cleverly designed and well-appointed. Each has a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, two or more bedrooms, and a small garden area. All homes are built in accordance with BS 3632 : 2015 and are insulated to a standard that means they are comfortable for year-round living. Central heating, double glazing and excellent insulation mean that park homes are energy efficient, so monthly utility bills are minimal.

Park homes fall under the lowest Council Tax band, which helps keep running costs down. There’s no stamp duty on a park home when you buy and they are very easy to maintain.

Find out more about the residential homes we have available, or get in touch now to check availability.

Tingdene Savanah Residential Unit 42 x 12 2 bed

Featuring a stunning contemporary and spacious, open...

Prestige Sontata Caravan near Blackpool

Prestige Sonata

This Prestige Sonata measures 40 x 20ft, will be south-facing and overlooking the Green. This will include skirting, steps, landscaped garden and shed.